Riding in Amsterdam

I'm going to be in Amsterdam from June 3rd till June 12th, and am wondering if anyone knows where I can get a ride in while I'm there. I will be working on Thurs, fri, and Saturday so it will have to be a mid week ride. Hopefully the coffe shop hangover won't be effecting anything...

There are only 2 things to ride in Amsterdam. One is bicycles and two is down in in an area by a canal with lots of red lights! But its real fun. :)

Best ride I ever had in Amsterdam was the summer of 1981 on a little side street just off the market square. I remember shopping the dimmly lit plate glass windows for hours......Man what a buck would buy back then!

U.S. Military.....Thanks for the memories....and NO Silver Bullets....

Bonzai :)

I was out there a couple of years ago.

The entire country is FLAT, there's really no riding to speak of that looked interesting. There's not one hill except the dunes on the North Sea. I researched a little before I went and found nothing interesting. Not to say there's no riding, I sure didn't find any! (was there for about 5 weeks).

Oh, wait, there's good riding on the street! I never saw so many riders pulling wheelies in traffic (sometimes around sharp curves/city streets). F/in crazy if you ask me. You'll see what I mean the first day, I promise. You can rent bikes/scooters no problem. Watch out for the 250,000 bicycles and scooters!

France, Germany, and Belgium are very close, you may want to consider look into riding in the mountains there. The Netherlands is pretty small so it's only an hour or so to other countries from Amsterdam.

You'll have no problems finding coffee,mon :)

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