Bump Seats?? What's the opinion??

Another quick thread... what's the feeling on bump seats? Are they worth the +/- $120??

Heck no, just make one yourself, its easy. I made one for my son on his KX 65, two thoughts on his, he is short so it helped him reach the ground, and it deff keeps him sitting up close to the tank.

not for my old fat @$$.......no benefit:excuseme:

I got the SDG Stepped Seat and love it. In burm turns it puts me in perfect position in the saddle and keeps me there. I used to slide back and out of my pants. Now that I am locked in I can exell alot harder, and correct my position and pressure on bike with arms, and knees. In a flat turn I can feel the edge, and know I need to be further up the seat to keep the front end from "pushing" A good point of reference by feel. IMHO it has definitly help my corner speed and confidence. The only down side is it is harder than stock seat "poss monkey butt syndrome" Quality was excellent. Right now the Seat is the only mod on my 2007 YZ450F. I now that I got it I feel it was the best mod I could have done. Money well spent and looks good.

Another quick thread... what's the feeling on bump seats? Are they worth the +/- $120??

IMO, they look horrible. I have a gripper seat cover and it keeps my butt where it belongs. :crazy:

It was one of the best mods I've made to my '03 450.

I had my doubt too, but I bit the bullet and bought an SDG for my 07 and I love it. It's the best addition I've made to my steed so far. I can't say that it's for everyone though. If you have problems with staying where you need to be on the front of the bike (which IMO is neccessary to get the most out of the cornering on the 07 YZ) and do suffer from 4-arm swellage the you will appreciate the lump. It does seem that the hump saddle is a tad firmer but you get used to it though........The issue of making a hump seat.....well my buddy made his and it turned out good and all but the speed bump he put in his saddle does tend to move a little........Just something to think about....YO.

If you're a rider that needs to pay attention to body positioning like I do, you'll love the step.

But do it yourself if you can, seats are easy to make, plenty of advice online and you'll feel better afterwards.

Went riding with a 40 yr old first timer last week. He could of used a seat like that. There was a real problem with him not staying forward.

I was ready to start throwing rocks at him.!!

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