The Supermoto deed is done

Well fellow TT'ers, the mayhem has now been unleashed on the street...

A quick Supermoto page

Oh, the humanity...

[ March 25, 2002: Message edited by: jamracing ]

:D MIne are on order, ...Two weeks and counting!!! Hah Haaaa! Look out world...I 'm back on Tarmac! :D:)

I'll try to post pics when it's sorted

WRSM....I've sorted a top deal on a Breaking Disc, Price to me...£100, a bit better than retail eh!

I'll be in touch :D

as cartman from south park would say "koooool"

Get yerself a little front mudguard, big front disk and then an even bigger attitude will naturally follow!!!!

I love the carefully posed police car in the background....very cool!!

Cool! How much did something like that set you back? And what all did you do to it?

thanks ,Rob

Actually, I got the wheels for a fair price: $800, which included two front Dunlop 207GP's, and one rear 207GP. Also got two front sprockets (15 & 16), and a 42 tooth (!) rear.

The insanity is just wonderful! Wheelies at will, on the peg burnouts, coming out of corners, leaned over, on one wheel...Man am I going to get in trouble.

I've been gone for a few days and havent been able to keep contact with TT. I cant seem to get your page to come up. I keep getting an error message. I am reaaly interested in seeing the pictures. I am thinking of picking up a good used 400 or 426 to motard out. If you can repost them. Thanks

I cant see the page either? it comes up with a "whoops we cant find your page" error at Yahoo :)

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