Best aftermarket headlight for 650l

Hi, I am looking to buy a different headlight for my 650l what is the best.

What are you looking for in a headlight? If you want more light just try a higher wattage bulb.

I like the DOT one that Baja Designs sells.

As Cleonard said, it all depends on the application you're using your bike for. I've got an Acerbis Cyclops on mine and I find it lights things up pretty good for $100 and seems to be reliable. If you're into Baja or another 24 hour Desert riding scenario, you might want to try one of the big racing lights from Trail Tech, but be prepared, they're expensive ($250+)

I put a Super White heavy duty PIAA bulb in the stock headlight and added two Trail Tech HID driving lights on the turn signal stalks (one spot, one flood).

I'm very happy with the outcome.

I've seen some pretty nice setups using the Buell Ulysses dual headlight setup. People say they can get it for about $70 from a Harley dealer.

Don't remember the exact link, but you could look around, I'm sure you could find it.

Be careful most "good" lighting is non-DOT legal. The Baja designs is one of the tops, but not streetable(legal). If you added these to your stock setup, you could pass inspection. You would not be able to run all the lights at one time with a stock stator. I think the Bajas are Twin 100W lights, and is a lot of light!! The easiest to do is to get a higher wattage bulb for your stock light. I've seen them to 55/130w. My local tells me he can get a 55/150w. The 130 works for meon my 650L.

I did add twin 35w wide beams to my 600R and it helped, but not as much as the 130w bulb on my L.

Hey evomx, got any pics of your setup?

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