00 650r problem, noise

Some history is the front sproket wore out so i put a new sproket on. I did not change the rear or the chain. it began to make a bad wine on decel. I rode it like this about 150 miles. So i figured 2 new sprokets and a chain should fix the wineing noise. After swaping the noise became quieter and less frequent but still hapens. Anyone have this problem or have a idea what is making the noise. Thank you for some input.

Well, it is possible for it to be the cam chain as well, because when I did the top end on my bike, my cam chain was worn out. The BRP's are known to be a little noisy up top, so a little noise is nothing to be worried about.

Since you replaced the drive chain and sprokets, I highly doubt thats where the noise is still coming from.

If you can give a little more accurate description of the sound, and where its coming from, then maybe I could help some more.

The problem puzzles me becasue it sounds identical to the drive chain noise. Thats really all i can describe it as. If you lean to the left you can hear it but you can not hear it on the right side of the bike. Could it still be the cam chain? I am going to remove the skid plate because i know they amplify any engine noise. I will try and ride it tommaro w/o the skid plate and listen closer to it and report back. Thanks for the input thumpmeister.

Well, the cam chain is on the right side of the bike, so if that were the case, you would hear the buzzing more so on the right side. However, sound tends to travel to different areas from where its coming from sometimes...

Does it buzz when its cold, or all the time? I know mine buzzes when its cold because of the lack of oil on the cam chain. And once its warm, the buzzing is gone.

Do you have aftermarket exhaust on the bike? Let me know how it turns out with the plate off.

Check the bearings in the chain roller (under the swingarm and behind the front sprocket). I was having wierd noises on that side and found the caged bearings were shot. HTH

Thanks for the tip bajabinder but I am afraid to say thumpmeister might just be right about the timing change noise. If you rev the bike in neutral the noise only comes at certain rpms and is comeing from the right side were the timing chain is. Can you tell me if this is going to be a hard fix? Just replace the timing chain and slider? My bike may get a 680 kit or just a high compression piston while im workin on it.

Does it make the noise with engine running but not moving?

Or: roll down a hill in neutral with engine off. Would rule out engine related noises right there.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. The noise is comeing from the engine when i rev the bike just sitting there. The noise comes right from where the timing chain is.

ha ha ha that is the only fault I can find. That stupid XR650R seal has blown 3 TIMES and is not healthy. You laugh, we have money. Third time XR drive loss, sorrry. Don't miss it. You lose and we will work around it. Have spares ready!!!!!'m dumb

The cam chain is not a hard fix, it just takes some time, patience, and some special tools. Now, just so you know, the buzzing might only happen when its cold, and this is because there isn't much oil on the chain.

You should check your cam chain before removal to see if that really is the cause. The best way to check it, is when you get your valve cover off, grab ahold of one of the top links of the chain thats on top of the cam gear. If your able to pull the chain off the gear any more than like a millimeter, then it needs replacement.

Basically, if you want to replace the chain, heres what you'll encounter...

First off, you have to take the valve cover off, and take the cam out.

Secondly, you have to take the clutch cover off.

Third, you have to take the clutch out. You need a tool to hold the clutch basket in place so that you can loosen the nut that holds it on. And the nut is on TIGHT.

Fourth, after the clutch is off, you should be able to take off a few idler gears, and get the cam chain.

Just make sure you check your chain to see if it actually needs replacement. I know mine did, and mine is the same year as yours.

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