just thought id let you know...

i did the AP mod 1 ( http://www.squadpage.com/pandora/Professor%20RedBeard450%20How-To%20AP%20Mod.pdf ) today to my 08 and i did notice a bit of a difference from the off idle bog while riding. didnt get a chance to try it over second gear but 1st and 2nd seemed very good. now the pavement was wet and i have a new tire on so i couldnt get a whole lot of grip. but i did sit on the back of the seat once and crawled along in 2nd and barred it. it came up rite away, then spun and gripped in again and nearly put me back on my back. i didnt notice a real big difference after doing the mod but i have yet to try it in higher gears. im only 135 lbs so maybe some heavier guys out there will find a bigger difference then me because a 450 has no problem to spin the tire under me, even in the low rpm range. so maybe someone around 200lbs who is finding a bit of off idle bog will find a bigger difference then me because the bike is getting more traction therefore putting more of a load on the engine. so if your experiencing off idle bog, you should try this mod. i found no downfall in the bikes performance other then that you have to latch onto the bars a second faster then before. tomorrow i will try and get out and go around some corners a gear too tall without the clutch and see if it made a difference. ill give you an update as soon as i get one. cheers.

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