08 WR450 License Plate Mount?

Anyone know who makes one?

Buy some aluminum, cut and bend it to fit the fender, then bolt it down... Done

My time is valuable.

I want to buy one.

Yamaha make one a straight replacement for the original unit.

I have the one from motardrider also it fits great and looks the best out of all the ones I've seen.

I guess I will have to make my own but under protest as I'm fat and lazy.

The ebay bracket looks over built though.

Get the one from Ebay, you will be pleased. I bottomed out and nothing happened to mine. I simply adjusted my sag and haven't experienced a problem since.

I just bought a UFO rear fender with a complete running/brake/plate light and a license plate holder all in one for $48 from a local bike accessory shop (cycle gear).

I guess I will have to make my own but under protest as I'm fat and lazy.

The ebay bracket looks over built though.

Run a search on WR license plate brackets. I have an 07 and made one easily for $8 that is as good today as it was 8 months ago when it was new. I posted several threads about it. There are pics also. PM me if you have any specific questions. Don't go with aluminum - It will bend and eventually break.


I had an aluminum bracket from a dualsport kit and it broke as they all do. Then i cut another piece of heavier material and used it and it broke also. Then i cut the same piece again, but where you make the bend down away from the fender, i cut it off an inch after the bend. Then picked up a piece of UHMW 3/16" thick and cut it to match the outside of the liscence plate and drilled two mounting holes.to reduce any extra weight on the fender, i cut the center out of the UHMW so only a 1" border was left. You will have to replace your liscence plate before you have to replace another broken mount. Unless you rip the whole fender off in a tank slapper. I have gone backwards into many a tree and my mount is still kick'n.


Licence plate UFO with LED light:







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