Does anyone know who makes aftermarket plastics kits for XR650? I tried to Acerbis and Polisport with no luck. Im doing a 'Tard project and am looking for an all black kit



It seems like afermarket plastics are hard to find for the piggy. I know I'd like to find a set of shrouds for mine, cause mine are all busted up. And the Honda ones cost WAY too much...

There aren't any. Front universal fenders are available. Many have cut and installed other rear fenders. There's an ebay vendor selling side panels in black.

Rad shrouds? SOL, unfortunately... Thumpmeiser's got it right, too- Service Honda wants ~$36/side.

I'm running the ebay side covers and they are just like oem, great deal too. and I've seen black frt and rear fenders online. good luck

I am running XR's Only's Radiator shrouds, David Gray and I bought together to get them to buy some, I don't know if they advertize they have them, because they only have a few left. I have the Ebay side panels, XR400R front fender, and 1996~1999 CR250R rear fender graft. I Used black Fusion to do the brake caliber and radiator louvers. I do not have a picture with the new radiator shrouds, side covers but, a old picture when they where fusion black:


Here is after a season:



Looks like a couple of hotrods there BWB!:smirk:

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