99 WR400 For Sale (SoCal)

This bike has YZ timing, seat/tank combo, rear fender and front # plate along with the original stock plate/light and rear fender. Suspension has been revalved in front with a YZ spring on the rear shock. It is set up for riding trails/track 50/50. I have re-jetted the bike with the help from TT jetting gurus :D . I'd like to keep it :D but can't afford two bikes, being a new homeowner I also need some furniture. :) Great bike. I just happened to ride my buddies 250F and really liked it :D so am selling mine. $3900 obo.



[ March 23, 2002: Message edited by: kirktemp ]

Anybody interested in a great bike? I'll try and post some pics soon. New price of $3500 or OBO.


Check your PM's.


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