Got 426 go to a stop pull in clutch she dies?

I just picked up 2000 426 with DSP pipe,awsome power but when i come to a STOP it just dies unless I keep reving it above a idle Burp it to keep it running.If I do the same thing with the hot start button pulled out it stays running when I made the turn I found out when I forgot to push the hot start back in. What is wrong anyone ,Im used to 2 strokes where i pull in clutch to turn sharp and have to keep reving it to stay running am I supposed to use the engine braking to make the turn? Im a 4 stroke newbie!!! Man not easy to start either.Any help would be much apreicated.


Your Jetting may be off or you may have an obstruction in the airbox that is making the carb suck too much fuel and not enough air... Have you been in the carb since you bought it. Do you know what the current Pilot/Pilot Air Jet/Fuel Screw Settings are?

Check for an air obstruction first, if it's clear, tell us what your jetting is set at.

Also check out the "how to start the bike Video" on the left side of the page....

Bonzai :)

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no I have never touched the carb. got the bike today.what is the Pilot/Pilot Air Jet/Fuel Screw is there a web page that points out what these are and where? is the black knob on side of carb is that the idle? Or something else?I can take the bottom carb bowl off and find out what is inside like Main jet Pilot jet and Needle but I dont know what Piolt air jet is. I have 2 strokes and i am only familiar with Needle,pilot and main.

sorry to sound so dumb I need all the help i can get till I learn how to work on 4 strokes. I rode a friend a week ago and just have to get a 426!!I love the bike and I figured I would get one after seeing how everyone is so helpful on this web page that even though this bike does this you all would help me figure it out and Ill be a happy camper with it.


Your manual will show you where the jets and air screw is. It's not that much different from a 2 stoke. Look in the WR page under tecnical,you will find a heading called jetting examples.

Check if any one has the same pipe and elavation

(feet above sealevel) as you. Try their set up.

It may save you allot of time tinkering.

good luke

ok. I am at sea level and have DSP header pipe and Silencer ( the titanium one)update I called the guy we got bike from and he said bike is jetted for the most performance with that pipe being mostly mid to top it has a dead spot which I guess I found. Apparantly he got used to passing the deadspot by constantly blipping the throttle.Like for instance when it is idling and you try to give it a little gas it just dies if you blip it harder it will be fine.If you are riding it and all of sudden let go of gas and pull in clutch it also dies so he recommends just get used to blipping the throttle when ever not on the gas or stay on the gas. I want this bike to be all around bike not just wide open.Isnt there a way to find a happy medium? any suggestions on fixing this deadspot? dont get me wrong this bike rips hard otherwise... I cant keep the front wheel down!I dont have the Manual either.

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