yamaha touch up paint

does yamaha make touch up paint for its frames'? its an 01 426 and where the boots hit the frame it is completely worn off. i wanted to repaint it and get some guards. thanks

p.s. do you recomend guards for motocross type riding? if not, ill just live with the rubbed off paint

I dont know if Yamaha makes the paint but there is specific yamaha blue paint you should be able to find at a yamaha dealer..some carry it, some dont. frame guards are perfectly fine and common for motocross.

The blue paint is available at most dealers and if they don't have it, they can get it.

Here's the trick though... Get yourself some Stomp Grip. Once you have it repainted, let it dry for an hour or so and then throw down some Stomp pad grip strips down the frame rails. I did it to one of my old steel frames after I painted it one time and it seemed to last forever. Something about the freshly cured paint made the stuff stick for quite a while. When I sold the bike I pulled the Stomp pad off and they were still like brand new.

PJ1 makes the paint. Get the white primer, yamaha blue, and clear lacquer. I just repainted my '04 and the color is a perfect match. I bought a can of each from Rocky Mountain. Maybe TT sells it too.


I just ordered some for my 2004 yz250f frame.


i have also used this paint looked great until gas got on it then back till the old color

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