GPS routes in colorado

I was planning my yearly trip to colorado this summer and wanted to see if anybody had a route from a dual sport or just trail ride they would like to share.

Last year we rode from buena vista to salida using roll charts and that was a great ride but I would like something for my gps this year.

It don't have to be a full day ride.

hey cowboy, I've spent a lot of time running around that area. A buddy of mine had a house in Twin Lakes. There are lots of little jaunts around that area. NO gps though!

Clear Creek Reservoir, just north of BV. It's gravel as soon as you turn off he highway. There are a few fun rides off this road. Stay on the main road for a few miles, you'll see a sign "Missouri Gulch" and a parking area...keep going another 1.5 miles approx. and look to your left...there are some old log cabins just off the road (like historic cabins) you have to really look for them or you'll zip right past. Ride in the there, stay to the left and you'll see a stream crossing. If it's heavy run-off FORGET IT, it's deep in the heat of the summer. If you can cross it, this trail is really fun, goes all the way to a gated area (keep going past the first gated area, camp area) then hike in a few hundred yards to this gorgeous lake! Back to the main road! Continue on up that main road, until you come to the little ghost town, take a picture and keep heading straight past the ghost town. You're back on jeep trails again...winds all over back in the hills. There are countless side roads all over this stretch so hunt around. Unfortunately the only way out is the way you came in on that main road.

Back at the highway, continue north to Granite, turn left just before the gas station and follow that road, Lost Canyon Road and LC Mine, this is fun too and gets better the higher you climb. You can get to 12,000' or more on this one. Some cool old mines & stuff up there.

There is also a TON of riding on the other side of the river between Granite & Leadville (actually clear down to BV too.) It's a lot like the BV/Salida area, very arrid, some sand, few more trees. But, just tons of fire roads & fun stuff.

Out of that area, the loop over Independence Pass, through Aspen, up Aspen Mt., to Taylor Park and back to BV is fun...but a lot of highway inbetween the fun off-road!



You may wnat to buya couple trail books. i just picked up "trails of Colorado" vol 1&2. They are like flip calendars and can be easily put into a camel back. L & M Productions 303.777.4337 about $15 each. :)


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There's tons of great riding in the Ouray/Telluride area. Hundreds of miles of jeep roads going all over the place...some over 13K+ ft. passes.

Of course the Kokapelli trail is another choice, heading from Fruita, CO (just west of Grand Junction) to Moab, UT...110+ miles of mostly singletrack. And of course, your final destination on this ride (Moab) doesnt exactly suck! :)

Let us know when and where you plan on riding. I'm always open to hearing about new rides in this lovely state of mine...


Try to contact Garmin they sell a GPS unit and mount to handlebar. They had units for sale at last years Colorado 500 with the trail systems already loaded into the GPS. I am going to buy one this year at the event. The actual unit was called a Garmin 3 the three was in Roman numerals.

Good luck and have fun the trails and scenery in Co. is spectacular to say the least the pie shops aren't bad either.


Thanks for all the replys now I just have to decided where to go. we will be coming up probably the first of august and ride for 3 to 4 days.

The trails have to be somewhat easy because my wife and son will be along but I'm going to take off one day so I can get in some high speed ground covering ride in.

I have the garmin legend with handlebar mount which works pretty good..


I live in Colorado Springs and ride out near Buena Vista and those areas a lot in the summer. There is some excellent trail riding just SW of Buena Vista out near St Elmo. Several mountain passes (Hancock, Tincup) and then you're out in a valley where you can dual sport or dirt ride for days without hitting the same trail twice.

There are at least 3 good books you can purchase on these trails and all have GPS coordinates. Email me if you'd like more info.

Of course, no riding up that away for another 1-2 months due to snow and stuff.


Hey mxcowboy, I might have a GPS tracklog from Red Cone and Radical Hill (4wd roads near Denver) but that won't be rideable until at least July.

I also have a single track tracklog from an awesome Steamboat Springs ride.

When will you be coming out?

Bryan in Denver...

I have 8 days worth of GPS tracks logs. Starting in Delores going as far as Aspen and back to Delores. It's approximately 900 miles worth of data. What software are you running?

I'm using mapsource road and recreation...

Is that 900 miles of jeep trails, single track or is it alot of street....

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