xr600 spark, stator rewind

Picked up an old 87 xr 600 for 375.00 in decent shape, she turns over, but the spark is the sadest thing ive ever seen. Completly lame, so....im going to rewind the stator. Ive found some good articles on here about it but still had one question, i saw a guy on here who used 33 gauge wire, is that the stock size? if not is fatter sized wire better or worse? what size do you guys recommend i use? Ill let you all know how it turns out. thanks for the help


That won't help your spark.

Is there a problem of how it runs?

it will make a much healthier spark, ive yet to get the bike to run, carbs were leaking so we disassembled and cleaned them (floats mainly, they were stuck open) anyway the spark sucks so a coil is on order and the stator is gettin rewound, i read that the heat and oil eventually breaks them down ruining the spark.

That won't help your spark.

Is there a problem of how it runs?


ive read several articles about rewinding to improve spark quality. am i delusional?:crazy:

I'm the one that used the 33 gauge wire. I would go no larger than 32. The problem is that the voltage is determined by the number of turns. The stock machine wind is really tight. I don't think that I got nearly as many turns with my hand winding. The larger the wire the less turns will fit. The upside of larger wire is that it is stronger.

My bike starts great. However, due to the lesser number of turns I have to kick it harder to make it spin fast enough to make a good spark. I get first kick starts at least 50% of the time.

The best write up is at http://www.crustyquinns.com/tech/stator.html

Since you are replacing the coil, I'd replace try that first and see if it makes any difference. It's not technically difficult to do the stator winding, but it does take some time and it will make your fingers hurt as you put turn after turn on there.

awesome, sounds good, yeah that coil should basically just plug up and then well see if the spark changes. If not, rewind it is, so i guess ill go a little bit smaller than 33 gauge.

another question, i dont have the parts in front of me to look at so bear with me this question may sound stupid, but when you rewind the stator, where exactly do the two ends of the wire go? I havent seen anything about this in the articles on the internet. Sorry if this sounds stupid but electrics baffle me....

Connect the starting of the wind to the stator. This is then connected to the frame of the bike through the engine. Just solder to the existing connection. The outside of the wind is connected to the black with red stripe wire. Look at how the original winding is strain relieved and try to replicate it.

Take a look at that JAW/CrustyQuinns link that I posted earlier. It has lots of nice photos.

That won't help your spark.

Is there a problem of how it runs?

Are you fer real dude?

Of course a rewind on a 20 year old bike known for stator issues will improve spark.

To the original poster - rewinding is the solution.

uh... whatever

Anybody know what a volt\ohm meter is??

a what?


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