CRF 100 Jetting

I am just wondering about different jets for my bike. If I do the snorkal removal and different air filter do you just try different jets by trial and error until it works right? I've read lots about rejetting but no real info on which to use.

It's there in the search, you just haven't found it.

From what I found the concensus was 102 on the main and about 50/50 to retain factory 35 pilot or go up one to 38. 04 and older have adjustable needles, I think the talk was going moving the clip down one on the needle. If you have an 05 or newer, you can simply order a needle from an 04 to replace it, or add washers to your needle to raise for more flow.

That was generally for removing the baffle in the muffler (not the spark arrestor that you unbolt at the end, you have to cut the muffler apart, remove the baffle and weld it back together), 50/50 on snorkel removal or simply add a couple one inch holes in the top of the air box (you can then insert some one inch filter specifically designed for one inch holes to keep the crud out, they sell these in about all the major motocross catalogs), and finally, removing the screen type material from the backfire screen that is directly under the foam filter.

From what I can tell, about 7 bucks for the jets and your time is all your are out (unless you add the one inch filters to the air box).

Thanks for the response. I have a 04 model and will try those jets, your right, I didn't find it in the search.

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