what would you choose?

hi guys a friend of mine here in Greece has some money to spent so we made some research for a cheap enduro bike.we found 3 bikes in excelent condition :

xr600r 44.000klm 2000euros,xr650l 95y 3500euros and a ttr 600 17.000klm 03y 3500euros.all stock!!

is the xr650l faster or better than the xr600r for enduro use.i forgot to write that the xr650l has white power suspension.which one has more horse power?

we have mountains and tight trails.

what about ttr600?do you think its worth buying ?which one do you think is better?

The XR600 is a better bike all around than the 650L, better suspension, lighter, MUCH better handling characteristics. Only drawback is lack of E-start and road legal lighting. Install a lighting kit, you have the best all-around bike.

go with the xr600. no e-start though. the 650L has e-start. xr600 also more power.the 650 may have a little better suspension.

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