TDC on the kickstart is slipping??

3 months ago

typical start up onthe xr650r ( 2000) was

1 pul lin decomp lever

2 ki2ck kick start lever four or 5 times

3 release decomp lever

4 slowly kick the kick start til you find tdc ( st this point th ekickstarter would not go any further it was impossible to move it further) let starte come back to top position

5 pull in Decomp lever

6 k ick the kickstart one nothc down

7 release decomp lever....

8 then give it the man kick

Now after letting it sit for 3 months... i go to start it up and at step 4 the TDC position isnt as hard to get past as before. Before I'd find TDC and no matter how much pressure i'd give it wouldn't budge and I'd need the decomp lever

Now it find TDC and I almost dont need the the decomp lever

Do I need to look at the valves ?

The rings need oil to help them seal really good. When the bike sits the oil drains down to the bottom the engine. This makes the compression less. Once you get it started it should return to it's old self. If it doesn't then start suspecting other things.

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