chain guides

does anybody know of some desent aftermarket chain guides

Im kind of looking around myself Skippy.

So far Scotts Performance looks to have a nice one for $48.95. Fredette Racing looks good too.

Let me know if you see a good deal somewhere.

Moose sell's one, I just got it for about 30$. I'll post with installation fit rating.

Thanks DesertFoxx.

At first, I was actually just planning on buying the replacement block for the stock guide but it is $32 alone! :)

I might as well just buy a whole new aftermarket guide eh?

Thanks, and let me know how you like the Moose. I think it may be the same thing as the Fredette if I am not mistaken.

MOmilkman, Yes the guide is made by Fredette. Just marketed by Moose. The finish is first class, the rub blocks are a solid teflon. Fit is right on. I paid 36$ for the whole unit. All in all a good deal compaired to the 32$ stock rub block. :)

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