XR 650 No more...

You know? I don't like to see any bike get discontinued.The more choises the better. I wish the big 4 would take the same marketing aproach the KTM does with all ther different models it seems to work for them. I guess honda just wants to run one production line and based on the great success of the CRF450 they will replace the XR650R with the CRF450X and they will probably make a 450L model. They should have just dropped the 650L model and made a street legal R version with optional 17in rims. Now that bike would sell.

my 02 650r is for sale on ebay right now its in supermoto form at the moment its show room never laid down comes with stock parts too

Now more than ever,

the 650R needs to beat the 450 in Baja.

Kinda like turning your back on an old dog to play with a new puppy,

till the old dog comes up and bites you in the ass.

If you could have just One

Which would it Be?

(in Hillary Clinton's World,

you can only have just One;

No Cars allowed.

just One MC.

like the Communist countries)

Which would it be

XR650R or CRF450.

I have started looking.

XR650R 321#

CRF450 204#

Big Difference.

Does the CRF have Enough Power?

is the XR650 Too Heavy?

Let those that Know Speak!

XR650r weighs 287 no fluids no fuel.But ditch a few things and it comes down to about 280 with oil and water.

CRF450 07 in Australia 231 no fuel.

Don't know where you got those figures but they're way out.

I know i own both,and if i had to have one it'd be the XR.

XR650r weighs 287 no fluids no fuel.But ditch a few things and it comes down to about 280 with oil and water.

What things would you ditch? My bike needs to go on a diet.

A guy with the handle RC30 has a step by step of what he did,i'll bump it to the front as it's a wicked read.l

Mine's got no stand ,cut the end from a lot of the engine bolts,the pipe brace on the subframe is gone,case saver gone,backfire screen gone,lightweight case bolts,all sorts of stuff can go overflow tank gone,aftermarket bars are lighter,a muffler 3 to 4 lbs there gone,speedo gone cable as well.Swap stuff out for lighter stuff.

On the yahoo xr650 site there is an article on this called Project Pork grinder.

honda is weird they are like the car industry they kill the muscle car and bring out the two door spec now people want muscle again like the dodge charger ,300 and the new camero while they are building green friendly cars that mark my word the batterys will eventually fail and cost you a lot to replace and dispose of.Shit can the 650L and import the european street legal 650r yes its looks heavy but it handles and rides like a true motorcycle thats my two cents.

It is hard to believe this bike is gone. I had a new one when I joined TT in 2001 and it seemed like the bike would have even a larger loyal following than the XR600 or XR650L. Of course I loved my XR650R (street legal) until I rode a DRZ400. I am now over there.

Long live the XR650R!

Im kinda wondering if Honda may bring in its FI motor from the new 700cc quad for a new XRR.

There are a lot of arguing about the XR650R true dry weight. For one the dry weight Honda gives is for a bike without smog requirements and no street stuff as they have in Austrialia and most of Europe. My bike full of fuel was 308.2 pounds on a certified scale. There was no smog stuff, Subtract the 21 pounds of fuel and you have a bike with a weight of 287 pounds. Take the fluids out and you will have Honda's dry weight. There are XR650R weights that are more because they are sold with more stuff on them. You can shed 3 pounds just changing the exhaust but, most put a three pound skid plate right back on. Counter shaft sprocket cover comes off but, a case saver goes right back on. My bike is about the same weight with the small light as a stock stripped bike, maybe a little lighter till I fill the almost five gallon tank up then it weighs 323 pounds

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