Anyone know of a forum for an XR650L?

A buddy of mine just got a brand new '02 Honda XR650L. Anybody know of a website or discussion board for these big thumper Enduros? Thanks...

:) Here on TT over on the HONDA side of things :D

Here's the one he wants to be on. No offense to this board in the LEAST! Just these guys (like myself not long ago) have been on the XRL for a long time.

He needs to sign up, it's a site and an email group.

Also let me know if you have any specific questions on it too, I'll be glad to help. I had jetted & piped mine and a few other mods.

Thanks guys. Guy, I thought about the Honda XR part of Thumpertalk, but I'm not familiar with these bikes, and didn't know how much the "L" model had in common with the "R". I figured there would be a lot more emmissions crud with the L.

Scott, I'll check out that site, and tell my buddy about it. One question for you right off the bat: Do you know if the power-up mod for the 650R will work on the "L" model?

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