Battery eliminator?

Who has used a "battery eliminator" in their dual-sport conversion? Also, will it power the horn adequately, and where did you get yours?

If you use a battery eliminator, the horn will not get enough juice to operate properly(unless maybe you have a high output alternator), it will blow, but will sound like a strangling frog. Install a regulator/rectifier and a 750-1000mah nimh 12V battery pack and then the horn, turn signals and brake light will all work well even at the same time.

That's the setup I have now, but my tiny 800 miliamp battery doesn't seem to hold a charge when sitting for a week. It charges well with the regulator/rectifier setup though. I've heard others complain about this phenomenon, and thought the 'eliminator' might be the answer. But if it won't run the horn off the 90 watt stock stator then I guess I'll just stay with the battery.

I've been buying my batteries from, look under robot batteries, they hold up very well. My XR250 sat for 2 months, battery was still up.

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