2004 wr450 modifications

Looking for threads about performance mods for a 2004 WR450. Specifically for riding enduros. THANKS!

1st) Jetting,

2nd) Twinair gage and airfilter

3rd) Change exhaust

4th) head porting

5th) Adjustable ignition (vortex)

6th) Big bore (Athena etc.)

I just put these in the order I would do them. Jetting and exhaust will make biggest and cheapest difference. To do the jetting right you need to dyno your bike.

I have done from 1 to 4 so far and dynoed my bike after every mod. Vortex ignition is coming so that is next.

Timo McKeown

First and foremost, get the suspension set up professionally for your weight and abilities.

Second is muffler change and jetting. Power wise, this is all you really need to do. There is much more you can do, but not really needed.

I have a vortex ignition on my bike, they are great for dialing in your power to suit the terrain.

Thanks! I just ordered a slip on today. Looks like some a group of friends and I are all getting together for a jetting party! There is a great post for beginner jetting with pictures and step by step instructions. Yippie!

Thanks for the tip. I found a DVD on setting up suspension in the TT store but I should try and find a shop in the Bay Area that just does suspension.

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