Slipping clutch.. Simple fix?

yes, its all aligned with the marks on the boss and pressure plate.

and i took the cluch cable off as well. (i also took the whole push lever and checked it out, it looks fine.)

I pulled out the push rod, its fine. it just doesent want to push the rod far enough out to disengage the cluch.

And i took out the whole push rod assembly and put the pressure plate in, it seats the same way, the push rod just doesent push it out more than 1/8 of an inch when you work the push lever, and there is no resitance on the push lever ither. (with the cluch all put back together)

In your fourth picture, it looks to me as if the pressure plate will not sit down and compress the plates. Is that true?

There is one friction plate that is different that the rest. It has a larger inside diameter than the rest and should go on last. The pressure plate may not sit down as far as it should if one of the wider friction plates is put on last. I hope this is helpful to you.

does any body just have a write-up or a review of how to change and service a 426 clutch:excuseme:


Thank you mmikey!! :crazy:

There was just one plate that was bigger than the rest, and you put it on last and it goes together perfectly! :applause:

but of course it doesent say that anywhere in the manual! :D

and its only slighty larger, so you wouldnt notice it unless you were looking for it.

Thanks a ton guys! :bonk:

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