!@!@!! XL600 Timing Chain : )

Looking for any tips or tricks on how to get the timing chain back on the camshaft sprocket and aligned correctly. I have the factory Honda and an after-market service manual and neither are too helpful here. They both suggest fitting the cam and sprocket in aligned, pulling the chain over the sprocket, and releasing the tensioner. As far as I can tell , and I'm a pretty decent mechanic, this is impossible. I have figured out another way to get the cam and chain and everything in but I'm always a click off with the sprocket marks that align with the head. A click off to the left, take it apart, move the chain on the sprocket, insert, and now I'm off a click to the right.

Also the factory manual has one doing all of this with the tensioner installed but not released - this at least to me seems to make everything even more impossible. My local bike mechanic puts the tensioner in last after everything is lined up.

So if anyone wants to share their experiences doing this I'm ready to read!



1984 XL600 "Project" Bike

It's just a cam chain away from going back together and not being a project bike anymore.

Where'd you end up with this?

Embarrassing user error. The 84 case had no clear TDC alignment mark. The 86 case I had did so I used that to line things up and it worked brilliantly.

the way i did it on my 83 xl is i took the cam out put the chain on the cam gear then slid (i use that word loosely) the cam through the middle of the cam gear then bolted it in i didnt even have to mess with the tensioner. now i have a question at tdc is the lobes on the cam supposed to be up or down?

So we can assume you are all set and close this ticket?

QUOTE:: I have a question at tdc is the lobes on the cam supposed to be up or down?

Down,,No idea how you managed to get it on with the cam chain tensioner in position..Next to impossible if you ask me.

Don't forget to do two full revolutions with the engine after installing.It might LOOK a tooth off,but after two revs it'll be right on.Happens all the time with t-belts on cars.

When I put my xr650l back together. put the cam in with the chain still tied up and I got it the sprocket lined up with two lines even with the head and the crank on TDC. Then I started the cam chain on the sprocket. I had to rotate the engine to get chain to go back on the cam sprocket. I rotated it counter clockwise and it went right on. I just made sure when I was starting to put the chain on that nothing moved until I had it engaged on a couple teeth. I hope that helps. I did this all witht he tensioner uninstalled.

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