New bars, mounts, and grips installed

I was looking for some more height and went with a Tag Metals kit I found on Ebay for $95. I got the Rick C bend, bolt on 1-1/8 bar mounts, bar pad, grips, and glue for the grips. Install was straight forward...

Here are the Tag (black) mounts beside the factory ones, you can see the extra height provided. They are also offset how the mount to the fork clamp so you can adjust your bar position forward, or back.


Factory mounts removed and installing the first of two mounts...


With all the new height I had to turn the throttle with the cables downward so they would reach, no problems with this setup.


All mounted up with my sweet $3 mirror lol, my bike is street titled.



I really like the extra height, much better while standing.

looks cool! I take it you are a taller guy for the raised bar to be comfy?

What sprockets are you using for road?

I'm 5'11" and found the stock bars to be just a little too low, kind of got the feeling I was going to fall forward off the bike while standing lol, but it really just comes down to preference.

Bike still has stock gearing. I don't do any highway driving, just secondary roads. I would change the gearing if I did more road riding but I don't do enough for the trade off of losing the lower gearing for off-road.

i have a question. i have the exact same bar clamp but i just cant figure how align both to be exactly straight. i mean there's no marking or wad so ever. so im thinking the 2 bar clamp might be slanted a wee bit and i wouldnt know.

like both slanted to the left.. or both slanted to the right.

That's a great price for that gear - it looks like new too.

I just lashed out almost $230 for the Tag XT-1 bars and mounts kits in Australia- so expensive because of the weak as piss US dollar.

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