WR426F first ride..

As I stated earlier my buddy and I picked up our WR's on Wednesday nite. Paid $6500.00 Out The Door, which in California is a decent price. Most dealers selling for about $7000.00 OTD. Was very disapointed at first because of the throttle restrictor! Took it off yesturday. Ordered a YZ restrictor instead of cutting mine. Ran it today with NO restrictor with no apparent problem. Also took out the baffle, but left the spark arrester in. Took off the air box cover. Left the clickers alone until after the first 10 minute breakin period.

Took the bike to Cal City in the Mojave Desert. Probably about 40-45 degrees F. Turned both the shock and fork compression all the way in, and then 6 clicks out. That's what Race Tech usually recomends. Shock felt very nice. Forks were OK, but there was that stutter bump firmness that will mean the forks will be worked on! Whoops felt fine. Bike started first kick! The bike ALWAYS started first of second kick all day. Once at about 4:30 when I was going up a rock infested nasty hill the sun was blinded me and I purposely shut down. After seeing the best path I put the bike in first gear on the hill, pulled the clutch and gave it one kick. It started right up and tractored the rest of the way up the hill. I would have had to turn my old KX500 around. It would have just dug a trench in this spot. My buddy who is a MUCH better rider then me went up a hill climb that he has made once out of twelve tries on his KTM MX380. He was so impressed how easy it was he came back down and tried again. Went right up with no problem. I chose to wait for another day after I get better aquainted with this machine! I did however try some trails that I couldn't get up on his 380, but motored right up with this tractor. Throttle response was outstanding. No stutter I've been hearing about. Even in third gear I crack the throttle hard and the front end rises, but without the 2-stoke rear wheel "get out of shape" spin.

Bike never felt heavy, allowing me to flick it around much easier then my KX500. going down some spine tingler downhills it had great manners, no headshake, never felt heavy. Actually the weight was only noticable when I repositioned it in the truck. Definately felt it then! I can honestly say that this is the BEST bike I have ever ridden. I had high hopes but this bike surpassed that. My buddy felt the same. Our riding experiance includes KX500, KDX200, KTM380, XR400 to name a few.


well bryan welcome to a real dirt bike that is a whole lot of funnn.

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