XR650R clutch perch/decomp perch Q?

Hi all

I have a 650R and am replacing the bars/levers, actually everything above the triples.

I have a ASV F3 folding lever assembly I would like to use as it's sittin in the tool box waiting to be used.

It is a conventional perch/lever so it doesn't have a decomp feature on the perch.

Obviously I need to mount the decomp lever on it's own in some manner...........Yes, I'm too wimpy to start the BRP without it!LOL

What has been done to mount the decomp lever on it's own?

Are there aftermarket mini perches for this?

Pics of anyone's setup would be great, specially if it' a homemade setup.


PS Really lookin forward to the BRP, have owned XR600R,XR650L but have always lusted for the BRP!

You can use the decomp lever/perch for a XR600R, they are a separate part from the clutch perch


I had a XR600r...totally forgot..Thanks

Could you use a clutch perch for a CRF with the smaller hot-start lever?

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