07 650R street Tard Finished!

Finally finished my hooligan street bike, well almost finished, FMF full system, vented side panel, renthal bars, and carb to come:thumbsup:

Its way more fun to ride on blacktop with these wheels than knobbies, turning and dragging pegs is so much easier now.:crazy:

Anybody have renthal bars on there's? Id like to maby raise them a little.






Very nice. :crazy:

right on, tard!

Killer bike! That is a sweet beard for being only 16.

I forgot to mention that you can make your bike turn quicker if you lower your front forks about 1/4" in the triple clamp. Be careful not to overtighten those bolts. It only atakes about 12 ft-lbs when you tighten them.

Very nice looking and very good bike choice for a motard. id install a supermoto front fender, just my opinion.:crazy:

Sweet ride man... I especially like the front fender!

Nice bike! I'm liking that more New Englanders are getting in on the XRR motard action. I'll get some snaps of my ride out here in a few...

Nice job!!!!!!:crazy:

Are you old enough to ride that on the roads ?:crazy:

Are you old enough to ride that on the roads ?:crazy:

I bought the bike 2 days before i got my motorcycle permit, took a motorcycle safety coarce and know im fully legal. Already put 3,000 miles on it in 3 1/2 months.

LOL looks wierd without a front fender nice wheel setup

:crazy::D:applause: Good looking bike! "3000 miles in 3-1/2 months"? You're really gettin' around on that thing!:bonk:

Wow, that is a lot of miles clocked up !!!! Once again, nice bike. Ride safe.

30 miles a day to school and back, plus terrorizing the town on weekends:busted:

I'd like to do a cheap full system exhuast, possible FMF right now im running the HRC exhuast tip which is a great system, very crisp, and only loud when you wanta make it loud, id like something around the same in noice, but give me more power? and anybody installed a catch can on the 650? Id like to do some track days with it.

I'd like to do a cheap full system exhuast, possible FMF

I cant speak of any of the other FMF systems, but I have the Ti4 and it is freakin loud. On the bike the noise is not too bad...but when other people ride my bike, I can hear it from blocks away and its pretty insulting. It sounds dicknasty wide open, but is anything but low profile. I also have a quiet core for it, but its more of a high-pitched "pinging" loudness. So I'd have to say stay away from flow-though race exhausts like the Ti4....just my opinion based on limited experience.


FMF Q2 is a freaking plug in the pipe. Don't get that. You are better off with stock system drilled out. I'm running the Moriwaki with the spark arrestor and it is loud, but not too loud. Its quieter than the FMF powercore 4 and the Yoshimura with better top end. I put the HRC cam in my bike too though.

I gave my FMF powercore4 can to one of my friends who trashed his FMF Q2 can. He said it was night and day difference between the two pipes for power. In fact, he just got a big ticket for doing wheelies on the street.

Maybe there is a better solution than the Procircuit or FMF. The moriwakis are nearly impossible to find now.

i have a fatbar on my bike... i really like it its gives me a better handling and it looks cool too :crazy: Dont mind the speedo on the pic, i've installed a digital one since i took the pic:busted:


Very nice. :crazy:

Now throw on a fork brace and a front fender...

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