Got my WR street legal!!!!!!!!!

yup, pa sucks..... they try to suck as much money out of you as they can. Oh and I got tired of waiting for them too. I pulled the street legal tires off of it today and the knobbys back on . we are going upstate later this week to take my frustrations out on the dirt..I also got to get this thing broke in right.

Must be a big deal for you guys, huh? :crazy:

At least us Aussies have one thing over you guys, ours come street legal off the show room floor! :D

You said it, "one thing" :applause:

You said it, "one thing" :crazy:

D'OH! you got me!

D'OH! you got me!

All in good fun of course :crazy: I've always wanted to visit the land down under and :D the trails.

thats got to be nice, I really want to get a get a WR and turn it in to a street legal supermoto, I have no idea what the requirements are in GA but i have a feeling that is prob EVERYTHING and gonna cost me a kidney, god i can't wait to graduate and move out west...:crazy:

the converting it is not bad it cost me like 439 for all the stuff to do mine:

turn switch 69

horn 10

led turns 70

led flasher 20

plate bracket 30

tires 160

mirrors 20

relay 10

stator rewind

kit baja 40

but I did mine up nicer then all the kits .check with you local bike mechanic he could most likely tell you what you need. all my lights are wired to a relay that is hook to the battery they turn off with the key . oh I forgot I put a key on mine I used one from a blaster it was 30 I think but I had to solder the wires on the other two poles to make it work right . but now my light is very bright at idle. like a street bike should be.

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