WR Hotstart problem

i have a 99 wr motor with the 00 carb. The issue im having is that the carb has the hot start built in to it but the 99 didn't (has the nipple on the head, see pic)


Well i figured i could just plug the nipple and be good however thats not the case. I can start it with the nipple exposed and as soon as i plug it (with the bike running) it dies. I can't start it with the nipple plugged. And if i let the bike idle for a minute the nipple will make a *psfff* sound and the bike will die. What the hell do i do!


I could try and help. But I think if you can draw this problem to grayracer in the YZF forum I think he could be very helpful. If not let me know and I'll give you my opinion.Whether you want it or not . haha

PM sent to greyracer

That's a 400 head with a 426 carb, just as you said. The right thing to plug this up with is a rubber vacuum cap from an auto parts store. Clamp it or wire it in place.

If it won't start, you should approach the problem as if you had never changed the carb. Plug the nipple off and try it with the hot start pulled out (red knob). If if that works, you're too rich to start normally, And you should either close up your fuel screw a ways, or drop the pilot jet a size or two.

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