water pump impeller play

Gday guys, I need to replace my water pump seals as it has decided the little hole in the bottom of the water pump would be a great place to dump fluid from. My question, should there be any play at all in the impeller shaft and bearings ? eg with the outer cover removed so the impeller is visable, if I grab the impeller there is a small amount of up and down movement, should there be some movement here or are the bearings flogged out ? it doesnt seem to be an excessive amount of movement but movement all the same, if it were my wheel bearings I would be concerned !

Other question, I dont need to touch the clutch other than taking the clutch cover off, to remove the right hand side crankcase to get at the oil seal and water seal ?



The waterpump has only one bearing on the shaft. So you will get some movement on it. Yes you only have to remove the clutch cover. I'm in Newcastle NSW . If you don't want to fit the seal yourself you can send it to me and I'll fit it for you. You could get your waterpump seal and a new bearing and send it if you want. Let me know.


I just finished replacing the seals in my '03 450 last night. Wash your bike off really well to get any loose dirt off first. Pull off the skid plate, then drain the coolant and the engine oil. Then, you need to pull off the exhaust,kick start, oil filter cover, water pump cover, and the clutch cover. Remove the three way line that feeds oil from the filter to the cylinder and clutch. Then remove the steel oil line that comes from the frame reservoir (Steel to braided rubber line). Then remove the bolts that hold the engine casing together on the clutch side. It needs to be wiggled a bit to get the casing around the frame by the kick start shaft. Once the casing is off you can put a wrench on the back side of the impeller shaft and remove the impeller. Then use a flat head screwdriver and pop out the water side seal. I used a socket and rubber hammer to remove the bearing and seal on the oil side through the hole from the water side. Put the new bearing and the seals in the freezer for at least half an hour to shrink them a bit and they slip in pretty easily. A socket of the same size as the seal and bearing aid in the installation. The manual explains it all pretty well. Some of this sounds like its difficult, but it only takes a bit of time. Make sure you us a torque wrench when puting it all back together! Keep the bolts together with the part that was removed.

Thanks guys, It was as easy as it appeared ! Thanks for the offer BRT 426 :crazy:

Thanks .

Anytime I can help, let me know

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