anybody running DSP pipe at sea level or close to it that Knows jetting settings?

I have a thread already on this about pulls in clutch and she dies. Here is what happens. the bike is running and you try to give it a little gas and it will just fall on its face and die (deadspot) if you blip it past deadspot its fine. if you come up to something fast while riding it and get of the gas quick and pull in clutch at same time it will die also if you dont pull in clutch and use compresion braking it still runs fine.the problem seems to be very low in the giving it gas like maybe the pilot or the needle its not in the main as this bike rips hard up top. If anyone has the same set up give me some examples on what to do.I will take it apart the carb that is and write it all down to let you know my setup at this time.


I set up a friends 01 w/DSP but we also YZ timed it. 45pj 172mj needle raised 1-notch from stock position. No airbox lid.

I do have to say, that was the loudest exhaust I've yet to hear!


Hi guys.

I've done extensive jetting work, have a loud DSP, and have the ideal settings for warm temperature low elevation conditions. Here they are:

'00 WR400, DSP w/tapered header & SA, YZ timed, GW & BK mods

<ul type="square">[*] EMN Needle @ #4[*] 175 Main Jet[*] 48 Pilot Jet[*] Pilot Screw 1.75 Turns Out[*] 100 Pilot Air Jet (new screw type)[*] Accelerator Pump Timing Screw 1.9 Turns Out[*] Accelerator Pump Squirt 0.7 seconds (+-)

This setup works real well on my bike and should be a great starting / reference point. You can get the carb parts you need from Sudco ( ). Its a waste of time trying to get this stuff from the dealers. This is a YZ, or YZ timed, yes?

Read more about it here:

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Thanks for the info guys.It is a 00 YZ Ill try it and let you all know how it works.


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