Seal Savers

First of all, I DID THE SEARCH ALREADY !!!!!!!!!!!

Secondly, I have not read much convincing information on them. Overall, do you like them or not. Those who use or have used them, what are your suggestions? Those who do not use them, WHY? Also, what size seal savers would I need? Where is the best place to get them? Are they a big pain in the ass to put on? Any information would be greatly appreciated!

I was looking at getting a pair of Seal Savers but after talking to the owner of a local shop decided against it. 1st Seal Savers are a little hard to install. 2nd, and most important, you a going to get mud and junk on your forks, once your Seal Saver collects the crap it keeps it trapped inside itself. It would be pretty easy for it to work it's way up to your fork seal and damage it.

I took a couple of precautions after I blew out my factory seals. I purchased a pair of Factory Connections fork seals. There about 3mm thicker for added protection and are softer for better sealing. Next I use a roll of 2" gauze tape, non-sticky kind, it must be soft. I slide my dust caps down, cleaned my fork seals with a Q-tip and wrapped the tape around the fork about 1 1/2 times. Slide your dust cap up, install your spring to hold it in place and thats it. I change them after every muddy ride or every 5th dusty ride. By doing this and venting my bleed screws I have not had a problem in over 9 months of all weather riding.

Based on a DRN post by Jeremy Wilkey I bought them. I bought them from Seal Saver, ordered on the net and recieved them in 3 days. They were very simple to install. Just pull the front wheel, pull the forks and slide them over from the top. I bought the tall ones as they cover the entire upper fork to the triple clamp and protect from rocks. As for size, get the biggest ones 1-3/4". Here is the URL

BTW, the sealsaver logo is on them, but only about 3"long, not as big as in the picture.

I bought some too and they are currently on my bike but I have yet to ride with them.

I dont see any reason why I can just roll them up at the car wash when I wash my bike and just blast what dirt that is around the area away.

They seem like a really good idea to me and I am sick and tired of changing seals so I am going to take all the precautionary measures I can to keep from replacing the seals again.

As for putting them on, its not a problem at all. They just slide over the top of the forks as YZ400Court mentioned.

I like the idea of sealsavers, but I believe that it has a flaw. What happens when grit gets under the neoprene material and starts rubbing continuously on the fork leg. Wouldn't it be better to have the fully covered design, like on the sealsavers for XR's, or is this not an option with the USD forks?? I would have more peace of mind if this was possible.

I use the NOJ fork guards, they are very similar to the seal savers. In the two years of using them, never blew a seal! I ride in mud frequently, and don't pay too much special attention in terms of cleaning. just remove them every 5-6 rides and clean 'em

When I sent my forks into John Curea at MX-Tech this past winter, his comment was "I must be doing something right" as the seals were virtually like new after 2, yes two years of use (like 1800 miles of trails!). Last year when he revalved them the first time, he didn't change the seals as he said they were like new.

That's a good story in my book. My opinion is as long as you regularly clean them, they will save the hastle of blowing seals.

Where can you buy the NOJ fork guards?

I got the NOJ's out of the Dennis Kirk street bike catalog. They were $13.

I believe they are slightly shorter than the sealsavers, but the same material (sort of a wetsuite material). And 1/2 the cost..

If you want a pic, shoot me a private msg w/ your email address...

Hey Mike,

What effect do they have on the lower fork guard clamp?

Bonzai :)

Eagle- I sent you two pics of the guards.

'Kaze- The upper fork clamps can be utilized with the NOJ guards (and I would assume the seal savers, too but I'm not 100% sure), although a slightly longer pinch screw/bolt is required. I choose to remove these clamps entirely. Why? Kept getting a ton of mud buildup in this area..especially between the clamp and guard. After couple of hours of mud running, the stiction was noticeable.

So far, nothing bad has happened with the clamps removed (probably the last 18 months it's been this way). I ride quite a bit of tight trails-thus far sticks/branches etc have not ripped the guards off. I installed these just after picking the bike up a little more than two years ago.

This is one of those parts I'll always have on every bike I own.

Eagle you really don't need to be concerned with seal savers because you will never be in any mud to get the forks dirty! Mr (I am to afraid to get my $6000.00 toy dirty)





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