Would you guys do this trade?

I have a nice condition stock 2001 KX250. Bike looks good and runs good. Everything is stock and it could use a new piston and ring this winter just to be safe. Here is the bike I would be trading for: http://lexington.craigslist.org/mcy/449115075.html

We each have to drive a good 1 1/2hrs to do this so do you guys think its worth it?

why does he want to trade, what year is the yami.the yz is

alot better bike.depends on what kind of shape its in though i would have to check it out pretty good. 2 stroke rebuild-300,4 storke-3000

why does he want to trade, what year is the yami.the yz is

alot better bike.depends on what kind of shape its in though i would have to check it out pretty good. 2 stroke rebuild-300,4 storke-3000

4-stroke 1000.00....Thats with a new crank. Where do you get 3000 ? A 2 stroke rebuild could be much more than 300.00. depends on what were rebuildin!

every time i see a pic of a 426 i get a little sad:(.....i could of had one last year, it was so nice but my dad made me get the 230...hopefully next year another one will come up for sale.

He says that he has been on 4 strokes since 2001 and misses the 2 strokes. I am skeptical because if this thing needs a rebuild I am screwed. I could probably do it myself, but it would be a very hard project for me.

Here is an email on the bikes background:

"Okay, I bought this bike from my ex bro-in-law in January because he had bought an 03' CRF450. He is the original owner and appears to have maintained the bike well. He changed the oil and filter every 5 hours and cleaned the air filter after every ride, as do I. Neither of us have ever raced the bike, strictly woods and trails only.

As far as the working order of the bike it is pretty well perfect. I just installed a new top end in it less than 10 hours of ride time ago with a Wiseco High Comp piston/ring kit. This High Comp gives the bike even more low-end torque. I also installed the 450 auto-decompression cam so you don't have to use the decompression lever to start it anymore. 426's are notorious for their starting drill that everyone hates. Doing this mod eliminates the need for this. I checked the valves when I got the bike and they were in spec and then they had to be adjusted due to the new cam being installed. No stripped drain bolts, broke levers, etc... I also installed a Dubach Racing Hot Start System ($90) which puts the hot start on the throttle side instead of having to reach down to the card to pull the hot start out. I also replaced the fork seals and oil when I got the bike because the right one was leaking a little. Overall the bike is in good shape running wise and appearance wise. I put some white backgrounds on the side number plates and didn't do so well with then. One side has a little cress in it.

I have the stock gearing on it now and I also have a 13t front for the tighter woods. This bike is a beast on power, but like you said... it is a bit heavier than the 2t's. I think it is about 15lbs heavier, but it really doesn't feel that heavy to me. I had a WR before and it weighed a TON."

im sorry i was thinking about my honda 450 crank-piston-valves-cylinder head redone-valves-some more valves-and did i say valves and cylinder:foul: :crazy: .ive had plenty of two strokes and they hardly go over 300. i did do the work myself on 2-strokes but the 4-stroke is to much work for me.The bike sounds great with all the right mods,i would have to take that drive its worth it just to see.Make sure he lets you ride it and look over it really good:naughty: if it all looks good you wont be happier:ride:

I just think the bike obviously has some flaws if he wants to go back to a 250 2 stroke. Too heavy maybe? Not a very good powerband maybe?

i would say the weight issue is swaying him back to the 2s.

That's a good looking 426 he has there... :crazy:

Timing chain has also been replaced. Hmmm, I just can't decide about the weight issue. Heck, my 250 is heavy when I get stuck on a hill. When riding it feels pretty light though.

yes i think you should do the trade thats a sweet bike

That's a good looking 426 he has there... :bonk:

hahahaha... :crazy::D:applause:


I suggest you guys meet, switch bikes and ride some trail & MX. You need to ride and start the 426 before you trade & check it out. The 426 may or may not be rideable for you depending on your physical size, ability and whether you have plans for MX or trail riding - or both. Going by the pictures and what has been done to it, it appears to be in good shape. You might ask if the key has been replaced on the crank.


yea i say ride it and make ure decion but i think that is a alsome trade and if i were u i would do it that 426 should be ure 250 in a drag race

Well the big trade is off. We both just decided it is not worth it. I am loving my 250 and really jsut getting used to it. I ride a lot of tight trails and when I read about the 426 I see a lot of complaints about handling in tight trails. Thanks for your help guys.

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