Compression Stroke???

I'm planning to adjust the valves for my XR650L. I've done it before but just can't remember! How do you know you are on the compression stroke? Is this when the INTAKE valve closes then you would feel compression resistance on the flywheel. I understand all valves must be closed to do the adjustment. I just want to make sure that i am NOT on the exhaust stroke. Thanks!

if your rotating and the intake opens, when the piston comes up after that you are on the comp stroke. hope that helps

Just stick your finger in the sparkplug hole (if your hand is small enough that is):crazy: an bump the start button untill you feel the blowby.

or just rotate the crank over until the cam lobes are 180 degrees from the rocker and adjust .

My normal method of adjusting the valves is.Remove the Seat and Tank.Take the two bottom inspection plugs out.Remove the Tappet covers.Rotate the engine using a 17mm socket until the T mark is in alignment with the datum on the casing.If you can't move both the Intake and Exhaust sets of Tappets up and down with your fingers your on the wrong stroke.Continue to rotate the engine until the T mark is in alignment and all the Tappets are loose.You are now on the correct stroke to do the Valve timing..

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