any better fork guard?

I felt on a rock. :crazy::D:applause:

By the way, except inner tube and oil seal, what parts do I need to renew?


You will also be needing the two bearing surfaces in the forks ( slide metals as Yamaha calls them). The forks should be thorougly cleaned as there will probably be metal debris inside the forks if you rode at all after that nasty gash :crazy: was installed on the fork tube. As for better fork guards , depending on the year of your bike, I have seen everything from the old style fork boots installed over the lower tubes to guys fashioning wrap around plastic to keep mud and (rock gouges) from damaging the lower fork tube. Good Luck -- WR Dave

Thanks Dave. My WR450 is 06. Is it ".METAL, SLIDE 1"(5XE-23125-L0-00)? It also contact with the gash surface?

Yes you will probably need that one too, but the #23171-LO-00 ( piston , front fork ) is likely the one that recieved the most damage. WR Dave.

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