1997 Xr 600

Im thinking about buying this guys bike, he is an older gentleman, in his 50's, had the bike since new, used to go to Moab once a year, and has said it has about 200 miles on it in the last 5 years, few sctratches in the plastic, tank decals peeling a little, I can buy for $1800, too much? Blue book is around 1250 avg. tell me what you think........

You might be money ahead, if the bike is clean . Try to talk him down a bit. I'd rather buy a clean one for 1600-1700 than a clapped out one for 1250. You can spend a ton of money on the wrong bike . Really look it over. Decals are cheap.

You hurt my feelings... Old at 50... I'm just getting warmed up.

I just bought my 94 XR600 for 800.00. It came plated, with 2 tanks, hand and frame guards, front and rear disk guards, a pipe and rear fender bag. It has very low mileage and is still pretty much stock. I like the 600's because they are simple and cheaper to work on. I thought I might hold out for a 650, but with the money saved I can trick this one out faster. I also like the fact it's air cooled, because we do long rides (200 plus miles a day off road) and ride Mexico. Less parts to break should I fall off the trail. Look around there are lots of good deals out there, but always buy the best you can afford even if you need to save a little longer.

Hell Of A Good Price, If What He Says Is True. You Can Get Lots Of Parts For That Bike.

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