Anybody knows a good sleek tail light that will fit the YZ rear fender?

Can anybody recommend a sleek looking tail light that will fit the yz rear fender and minimise the flapping?

I have had great success with the Acerbis on my WR400. You may want to look at the Acerbis rear fender brace as well.

On another note I am currently running on my WR250 a one piece unit from UFO. Its a YZ fender with the tail light included. Also works great

and has plenty of room for license plate. :)

:) Acerbis do a neat range of add on Lights incorporating a mudguard extender, it just bolts under the back of the "Fender" and gives you a rear light and a small extra mud guard, complete with wiring, etc :D

Acerbis sells two styles of under the fender tail light assemblies. Here is mine. There is a fender extention that comes with this setup which can be removed if you so desire. That will lessen the amount of swing in the unit. Acerbis does sell a stiffener brace but it is rather spendy for a peice of nylon. My solution was to double up the rear fender with another fender. No more flex and still looks sleek.


here's a picture of the ufo tailight w\lic.plate holder.its sleek and smaller than most of other taillight setups.sorry i dont have a closer picture.snowman.jpg?bc5cg78AA.EqiaOF

heres a little better pic.i only paid about $30 for rearfender w\taillight.Untitled-2.jpg?bc5cg78ABgasUxZK


I know you said that your fender is a UFO but do you happen to know the model number. Looking in a cataloge there are two licence plate holders, a universal mount, that is special for KTM and one that bolts underneath. I can see that your mount underneath but the light looks different than what is in my cataloge. Thanks for clearing this up.

Angel Boy

i ordered it from dennis kirk $37.99[uFO enduro rearfender w/light fits yz 98-00]part#61-3587[white] or part#61-3588[blue] __hr_WR.jpg?bc_bL98ANXdxgFX7

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