Fork Seal replacement 06

I have a leaking fork seal on the brake side fork on my 06SE450F and am debating on a few things. With only about 4 rides left in the year for me due to work should I...

1) Get the leaking seal replaced only

2) Get new seals/fluid replaced for both forks as the fluids have never been changed since the bike was new

3) Wait until over the winter months to get it done and go the last 4 times of the year with the leaking seal. Its not a bad leak but a leak the same.

Thanks for your advice.

Go with option # 2. fix it right the first time. its a 1 hr job, if you take your time.

Option 2 with upgraded fork seals, like the MSR-HP seals, or OEM Yamaha from an '04 YZ450. Do a complete inner/outer fluid change, and be done with it.

option 2 with a revalve if needed.....Do not buy 06 oem seals...they sux

How are the 04 seals better than the OEM 06 seals? Is this a trick the dealer should know about. I dropped off both forks today and would like to tell them to use the 04 seals if they truly are better.

The '06 seal was designed a a low drag seal to make the fork action slicker. Unfortunately, the only way to really accomplish this is to reduce the pressure placed on the fork tubes by the seals, which is what the seals use to seal with. The '04 seal is a triple lipped, two way seal with one spring loaded and one secondary lip facing in against the oil, and another spring loaded lip facing out against oil and dirt from the outside.

The MSR-HP Fork Seals are even better, and about the same price as stock once you consider that the kit comes with both seals and new, tougher dust seals.

I wish I woulda known about all this...I just replaced my 07 with oems....damn.

on a side note...lone ranger , what backgrounds are those? like company, style, font?

The number graphics/backgrounds are from DecalWorks. They are really good quality. This set is the middle price range that has an outline around the outside edges. Looking back I would have paid an extra $10 to get the ones that have the 2 outside edges and I woulda done one outline in black and the other in yellow - Oh well.

I dont want to steal your thread, but when I had my forks revalved in July, the guy who did my forks put in the 04 seals.

The thing that strikes me is, I put 75 hours on my stock seals and never a drip of oil, then I put about 10 on the 04 seals, and they leak like crazy.

I dont get it, so I put my stock 06 seals back in..and so far so good.

Not one of the 5 pairs of MSR seals I've installed (on 5 different '06's) has leaked at all since.

The '04 OEM seals respond very well to cleaning in place with a film strip, BTW.

If you are running stock fork oil, you will be super impressed with fresh oil. My forks worked a ton better after the fluid change, so change your seals and oil now and you will be upset you didnt do it a long time ago.

By the way I use Maxima 5wt fork oil and I know that Greyracer uses maxima 3wt shock oil with great results.

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