Radiator shroud extensions

Has anyone done this? I remember seeing it done on the japanese factory bikes, when transworld posted them...along with the new 08 suzuki and etc etc etc. but I hear it helps with your boots hanging up on your shrouds in deep corners..and Im interested in doing it, but im unsure how I should rivet the old plastic pieces onto the whole ones...any help? Ive seen it done with the YZ shrounds along with the YZF shrouds...youll see what im talking about.

heres a picture of what im talking about....the view isnt bad either :crazy:


i didn't see a bike in that picture... Anyways, just cut the front off of a YZ shroud and line it up uner your YZF shroud. Drill a couple holes through both shrouds so they line up and rivet them together.

Those were designed to draw more air-flow to the radiator.Few diffrent riders were runnin those at L.L this year.:crazy:

The extensions on the top corner of the shroud were to keep the rider's from catching their boots. Shorter riders have this problem and taller ones don't seem to, hence why all of the Yamahas in the Japanese nationals have extensions on their shrouds. They may also bring a little more air in, but there are better shaped extensions for that purpose.

yeah, I dont have overheating problems..but I do have trouble with my shrouds trying to tuck themselves into my boots in deeep corners...

so should I cut the little "lip" off the shroud? so the two shrouds are flat against each other?

It probably doesn't matter, I think either way would work.


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