Easier Clutch Pull!!!

Anyone wanting a easier clutch pull,(Yes, you can tell a BIG difference) go to the YZ 400/426 forum and go to easier clutch pull. Follow Scott in KC's advise and pics and in 20 mins you will be much happier. :)


Just go with MSR Raptor clutch lever and perch. The lever is a cool shorty lever with a small rubber pad for increased grip. The little pad is also available in a couple of different colors. There are also three different cable positions which change the ease of lever pull. Best 35$ bones I spent in a while.

Can you say WEENIE! :) I'm just gettin back into the dirt bike thing and have been (and still am) pulling Clutch levers on ancient (and new) Harley's and BSA's. This 426 clutch was so light I thought I had come into atleast the 20th century anyway. :D

So I guess McGrath, Carmichael, or Ferry are WENNIES for having their clutch, or whole bike, lighter that you could ever hope to get your bike down to. Me, I like a light clutch pull, if you dont then why did you even look at this post?

I have heard others using the MSR Raptor. I wanted to try this because it was free, I can still use the stock hole if I needed to.

guys i hate to say this but i broke my lever and perch. The only dealer open was a greeny so I got a kx250 lever&perch much beter pull and fit me better.

Bigfoot, I too feel like I have just entered a new era in technology. However, apparently you haven't pushed your 426 hard for 20 minutes non-stop! In my first mx with my 426, it was all I could do to hold on to the bars after the 1st lap on a Supercross style track. These things RIP! Unless you are in superb conditioning, arm pump will rock your world!!

Then again, maybe it's an age thing. My son can put in hour after hour on the same track and not break a sweat.

Love my Raptor!

Also check the routing of your clutch cable. If it's tucked in behind the lower radiator bolt then there is a little more ease to be found! There is a hell of a kink in it right there. Try pulling the clutch in & out while binding the cable slightly and see what I mean. Just undo the bolt, pull the cable out and zip tie it. (this tip brought to you by Jason in KC) My clutch is as light as an unridden YZ80 on the dealer floor and not even in the same league as the 125, let alone the larger bikes. The Triflow lube is part of the equation too.

I can see Bigfoots point (although it could have been worded differently) and yes clutches are much smoother than ever from the factory. I honestly never noticed the clutch pull until I hit the MX track or started pushing it hard in the tight woods for extended periods. After a few laps of holding on this beast, it was all I could do to pull it in to find neutral back at the van!

If you're just trail riding, these bikes don't need to be clutched that much and you'll never know the feeling of lactic acid burning the ends of your arms off!

While lubing up the cable the other day I stuck the cable back in it's original hole...WOW, huge differnce with the FREE mod. (read: I wouldn't spend the money on a Raptor if you own a drill and a couple of bits! Hell, even if you don't...spend $20 on a drill and $5 on bits and you end up with FREE TOOLS!!) Just a thought. :)

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:) I changed my lever to a Wirtz adjustable one, (sounds similar to the Raptor, 3 different postions etc etc, but the biggest difference was changing the cable to a "Terminator" cable, which has the outer wound different to a normal cable, this allegedely, means less friction, but it makes it a LOT more resistant to Kinking/nipping etc, between the two , my clutch is a light as a KTM 200 Hydro clutch on a bike we ride with, the only drawback is still having to lube the damn thing! :D

You guys lube your cables :):D

You guys lube your cables

Only when it starts sticking so bad the clutch won't release. :D

And if the cable gets so worn that then cable is cutting through the casing...simply poke the cable back in, wrap in duct tape...wah la! You have just extended the life of that bad boy and kept another 15 bucks out of the hands of your greedy local dealership! :)

:) Ha Ha Ha Ha ! you guy's slay me you really do LOL! My old cable was still in good condition, but the "Terminator" is just top's...Go for it!

I think the best way is to go hydrolic...I love my Hebo clutch! The pull is always easy & there is never any fade from heat or anything. No lube ever necessary.

:) Wanted to go that way BUT I couldn't get a kit.....Two month's I waited, then I gave up..... :D

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