Parts for tall guys

Who makes the brackets to move handlebars up and forward to accommodate taller guys? Also I'm told there's a set of footpegs that are lower and a bit further back for the same reason. Websites? I'm looking to set up an '01 WR426 for my 6'4" frame (36" inseam). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jim Miller

Berkey, OH USA

Thumper Racing :)

Go to krogers, and get yourself a big can of Crisco. I heard it's Shortening. :)

I recently purchased a 02' WR426 and love it. I started doing modifications for both power and ergonomics. I did all the standard free mods plus a White Brothers tapered head pipe and E-Series tail pipe. Then I moved on to ergonomics. I purchased a White brothers gold triple clamp w/Doug Henery bend (Up and forward bend)Protapers. This moved my handle bars up and way forward. This made the bike alot more comfortable for me. I am 6'-4" and weigh 250lbs, so I needed all the help I could get. So far all the mods i have made have made a huge difference in comfort and power. Hope my info can help. Ohh by the way the triple clamp will take a little work to install if you decide to go this route(This triple clamp is made for YZ426 only but with a little work if fits a WR like a dream.)

Your a funny guy Bigfoot! Real helpful too!!!

Sorry for the Un-Politically correct humor there. But as I am only 5'6", and had to let the adjustment all the way out on the rear shock just so I could reach the ground with my tip toes, I really couldn't add any thing else. They don't have anything at the store for lengthening, but if they did I'd take a bath in it. gotta go now I seem to have lost my trusty step stool. :)

Bigfoot, great line.

On the footpeg mod you need to saw the lower barrel of the footpeg off and weld it back on, but on top!!...take a close look at the pivot of the footpeg and you will see what I mean. You swap the springs/right to left side and hey presto your pegs are lower and back by about a hal inch each way. Every bit counts !!

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