Winter "Rebuild" Project...What to Include?

Here are some more pics of the project:

Frame after sandblasting:100_1440.jpg

Frame after powdercoat (notice the vin sticker had some issues with the oven...the VIN stamp is also very covered, you can read the number if you get it in just the right light:100_1445.jpg100_1444.jpg100_1447.jpg

Piston BEFORE:100_1452.jpg100_1460.jpg

Piston AFTER:100_1465.jpg100_1466.jpg

I need advice on these side covers and fender that I did a DIY paint job on...are they too much:excuseme: or goddy? :thumbsup::busted: Don't hold back if you do or don't like them please give me your oppinion!100_1463.jpg

Wish me luck on the rest of the project!

holy crap man, no wonder you had a carbon knock! have you looked into the bottom end to see if the contact surfaces are pitted? if so, you better repl. them.

the frame looks good, im sure if you take the title to DMV they can make another VIN plate.

those panels and fender look.......

REALLY nice! thats a cool pattern and color match. its a 93, what color seat you gonna do?

NICE JOB!:thumbsup:

I am going to have a black seat cover and black fender bag. White clarke tank. Once I get it all back together I may decide to repaint the fender and side covers just black. I got a bit crazy...we'll see how it looks.

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