refreshing: An online company with awesome service

Since there have been threads around about really poor service I thought I'd throw this out there.

I ordered a few sets of those little beads that go in the valve stem to balance my tires and some other odds and ends. The package came Saturday (after 2 days from order time. Only problem was it was missing an item. I called and after 2 questions they said no prob, on the way. Well, that was Saturday and today is Monday. It was sitting on my porch when I got home.

Anyone can simply fill in an order form and charge your credit card, but its how a company deals with a customer service issue that sets them apart for me

Just nice to see a company that fixes a problem with no pain, no issues, no whining, etc...:crazy:

O, and NO I don't work for em or even ever heard of them till a thread about 2 weeks ago.

Innovative Balancing

Glad to hear that customer service is still alive and well at some places.

I ordered a set of grip heaters from Symtec and when I installed them with my new grips, I accidentally got some excess glue on the throttle tube. :crazy: The next morning the throttle would not turn. :D I had to cut off the throttle tube, destroying it and my new grip heater. :applause::bonk:

I called Symtec and told them what happened and that I needed to buy a replacement heater. They sent me one at no charge - not even shipping.B) You can bet that whenever I need to buy anything that Symtec carries, that's where I will go first!

I'm glad you had a good experience, and now I'm curious about the beads. Let us know how they work out.

well, I'm waiting for a friend to finish his tard then hes selling me his stock xrl rims.

I'm putting 606's on my set and a teraflex rear / michelin front on his rims(he has the tires already just hadnt mounted em yet when he turned tard lol.will be a few weeks yet but I'll post it up when I get a chance to review them. I'll mount and run em with just the rim lock then ill balance bead them to get a difference.

I'm interested in hearing if these actually work...

Just thought I would bump this thread to see if anyone has put any miles on with these beads that balance their tires? Do they work well? Are you using them with Tubes or tubeless tires?

Well, I'm still waiting to get my other rims.. The beads are still sitting on the workbench in the garage :busted: Soooon I hope

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