wr 400f transmission problems

I recently aquired a wr 400f and the transmission is stuck in second gear. The previous owner said that it made a loud pop and then it would not shift up or down, the gear selector doesn't feel like it is connected anymore. It cranks and drives fine, you just can't shift. any advice would help, thanks.


Does the gearshift move up and down as usual? Or does it drop to the lower position? If you wanted to check the actuator side of the gearshift. Remove the clutch cover and clutch assembly.Then you can view the gearshift mechanism. Removing the clutch assembly is a rather straight forward process. The clutch hub nut would probably be your biggest hurdle. You will need a large socket. I think it's about 30mm ish. If you have access to a air rattle gun it will make it easy. Or hold the back brake on as you try to undo it. It's possible the centre bolt in the shift drum has come loose. This happened to us out in the bush with my mates KTM 250. Shifts as normal but stuck in one gear. Let me know If I can be of more help. I don't have a manual to suit your bike. But most motorbike gearchange mechanisms are very similar. So if you have access to a bike manual check them out.

The gear selector seems to be in the correct position, it moves up and down the same amount. I'll be honest I've never worked on a motorcycle before, I know a little about cars, but never had the a bike that needed fixing before, so please excuse the stupidity of this question, but is the clutch cover on the opposite side from the clutch and selector? Because the only cover on the selector side that you can remove without dissasembling half of the lower jug is the magneto cover.

First thing is not to ride it anymore until you find the problem. You could do major damage when maybe a small part has fallen off. The clucth cover is on the right side. The shifter goes all the way thru engine from the left side and operates your shift drum. Pull the cluch cover and move your shift lever up and down and you will see how it operates. Look for something obvious.

Thanks for the tip, I will try it tonight.


Any success?

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