street converted xr650r dying at idle

Having issues when i stop at a traffic light, bike dying when returning to idle... just dies..... like someone hit a kill switch.... anyone else experience this?? i have the baja designs kit on it with the parking light, headlight style run switch.... i strongly believe it has nothing to do with the engine running hotter while stopped.... it was 50 degrees last weekend when i was riding and i only stopped for less than a minute at a light and it died....

i run 93 octane fuel

stock kill switch has been replaced with the one provided by baja designs (off/parking light/head light)

don't have a tach, but i thought my idle was set high enough.....IMO it doesn't sound like the idle is on the verge of it dying when this happens.

Your kill switch could be shorting out- common on the 650R. Unplug it and see if the probem persists.

mine has done this when i've run a cheaper low octane gas.

The obvious first... is your idle set correctly for a warm engine...?

(Hand-screw near the choke.)

My R did the same thing when I bought it used. The BD kit was installed incorrectly. The headlight was plugged into the original socket, not the new one from the rewound stator. Easy to diagnose the first time I rode after sunset. The headlight was also upside-down.

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