Looking for a Good Las Vegas Tuner

I just purchased an 02 XR650R and Im looking for someone to dial in the carb . I just installed a Akropovic full Ti Exhaust (Header included) and did the XRonly screen ventilation kit on the left side panel. It has the Edelbrock carb and a Uni-filter already installed . Im a decent mechanic and do most of my own maintenance but I really dont have a clue on how to get the maximum results out of this carb. I live in Las Vegas and Im willing to pay a good tuner.

Let Me Know If You Find One.

Yeah seems to be either be a secret or no one in Nevada knows how to work on Edelbrock carbs? :crazy: Did I mention that I would $$pay to have it tuned? Not looking for a freebie !

maybe send a PM to bryan bosch "hes the owner of TT" and has a store in vegas ill bet he knows some connections

Thanks . I'll send him a pm .

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