no noise please

I just bought a '99 yz400. It has a white bros e-series full system that is LOUD. I'd like to know which of the 98-02 mufflers is the quietest, stock or aftermarket? Is there a difference from a stock WR and YZ mufler? I'd imagine there is, but i've never seen them side by side. I just want the lowest DB possible cause it's gonna be my city bike. Thanks

The WR mufflers are quieter than any aftermarket equipment I'm aware of, and much quieter than a stock YZF.

Those old e series were pretty quiet when new. You just need to repack it. My buddy just had the same cenario and repacking cured the "too loud" bike. Repacking will not make it as quiet as a wr muffler will though.

my friend has a street legal wr 400 with the WB e seris and the big bore header that thing is loud as hell but im tring to trade him cause i love the sound of it

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