XR650R Heavy Duty Clutch Problems

Hi, i have an XR650r and the clutch has been modified as follows:

JBC steels, plates and heavy duty springs, with the original basket, and with the clutch lever adjusted properly, is still driving when the lever is fully depressed, as if there is no longer enough travel in the lever.

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated

Did you adjust the cable at the motor? How old or abused is the clutch? Is there any bluing on the plates? Basket OK?Old cable stretched out?

Clutch basket was only about 2000kms, no visable notches, cable may be the concern, the plates and steels are new - 1 ride.

I will check if the cable stretches before the plates begin to move, this is my theory on the problem, however any ideas would be great,

Thanks for the reply!!!

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