07 450 valves/major adjustments

Ive had my 07 450 for about 4 months now and im wondering if there is anything major i should be checking on the bike. I know what the book says about valves and everything but from your guys practical experience what major thing needs adjustment first since im kinda worried about maintenance after i had a ktm basically write itself off due to an unknown problem that the mechanics couldnt even explain. Thanks

Although the valves most likely won't need to be adjusted as much as the ktm they will still need inspection and going 4 months without doing so especially after the break in period is not good. My friend did the same thing.... why bother ...its a yamaha right,... checked them after approx 4 months (3 were out of spec and 1 was extremely tight). Have you gone through the steering head and linkage bearings? If not, do so..... when I pulled mine apart I was in dis-belief that yamaha would even sell it like that. The above is really something that should be done with any brand though.

I had the valves done after break in as well as do whatever they do as a first service. I havent checked linkage but the steering head is good ill definatly do that!

in think linkage is more important to do than steering head.

That's an interesting statement. Particularly with the rep that the upper seal on the '06-7 has.

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