I ride my bike in the sand a lot (Glamis, Ocatillo) and I clean the air filter after each ride. Thought it might help keep things clean if I used a prefilter on the stock air filter. I've seen the filterskins and I think Outerwears makes a prefilter that will fit. I've also heard of folks using pantyhose as well.

I've gotten mixed opinions about this from the guys at the bike shops. Anyone have any experience with this stuff? Let me know...

I'm using the one from Outerwears. So far I love it, it's really easy to install and easy to remove and clean. you want to get some extra velcro though, if you want to put the airbox lid back on for any reason you'll need to remove it, other than that that no problem. If you're looking to keep out water, It'll keep out splash water from creeks and mudholes, but if it's raining it'll eventually get soaked ( water resistant not waterproof) but it's still better than having no cover at all.

Sorry I forgot to include the part #.


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